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Warm, Happy

Hey, guys. I feel warm and happy and relaxed. It's pretty awesome.

Went to the Woodshed's Halloween Party last night. At first I felt kind of awkward and out-of-place - most of the people I usually play with weren't around, etc. But, as usual, I settled into things eventually. I suspended myself! It was the first suspension I've ever conducted. It was distinctly uncomfortable because of how I distributed the weight, and I didn't stay up long, and afterwards I found out I should /not/ have put wraps over my floating ribs because I could have broken them, but I didn't injure myself and I succeeded in my endeavour.

Also went up again later, but with someone else far more experienced conducting the suspension. Whee! Fucking love that shit. It's like flying. It matters not if you are kinky or vanilla, all should try being suspended. It's not a kink thing, it's an "ohgod I'm flying" thing. Like an adult swingset that can go in all directions.

Scattered Thoughts

I've spent most of this weekend putting off a paper. In fact, I'm still sitting here, putting it off. I'll do it at the last minute, as per usual. Bah. *shrugs* I'm a senior for the third time in my life. I don't caaaaaaaare.

It's nearly November, and even though I'm not doing NaNo, writing urges are eating me up. I'll have to make sure to work extra hard on my editing. Maybe I'll try to EdMo it? Sure. Why not.

Being off diet for Halloween weekend has been fun! Though I look forward to not going "omg wait I must pig out on this I won't be able to soon." I've been eating hooooooorrribly. lol.

Coming home last night was bittersweet, because I so badly wanted to crawl into bed with Niko and feel him there, but we're kinda sorta not in the same city, so. Seems he had a good night last night, tho. He hit up Guavaween down in Ybor with a friend.

I love everything right now. Nnnnng post-Shed happy whee.



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