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Let's get this right... in a world where we send robots to alien planets and can cut-copy-paste genes, everyone has small handheld computers connecting the world in a vast network, which is used to track where everyone goes at all times and what they say and do because we really really want to stop the tyrannical religious empire being built overseas, but the governments are too incompetent to manage the information and have to resort to lying about preventing terrorist attacks and setting up terrorist attacks to thwart so as to justify the program, for which reason they would like everyone to stop using encryption around the same time as our frenemy trading partner breaks into our massive, unencrypted databases and steals information about everyone with a security clearance and their families. To also help us stop the tyrannical religious empire, we disappear people and enlist healers to help us torture them, even though we know the torture doesn't actually work to get information. Meanwhile, one of the things we have found we can use the information for is watching people who protest against government abuses of power and impersonating them and ruining their reputations, and also for secretly telling cops to arrest people on condition they lie to the courts about where the information came from. Meanwhile, the banks involve themselves in conspiracy after conspiracy to trick people into buying bad investments and to price-fix the currency markets, but in so doing, they've gained so much power that they've made themselves so important that we can't take them to task for their crimes without risking collapsing everything, so we pay them money so they can stay in power. Also, there's an apocalypse in progress, but stopping it would be expensive, so instead there's a conspiracy to convince people that research into the apocalypse is a conspiracy. Oh, and Donald Trump is running for president and leading the primaries.



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