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"Suteki da ne" - my own translation

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 In the Dresden Files, which I've just spent a month rereading most of, there's a thing called a soulgaze where, if Dresden meets someone's eyes too long, he can look into their soul (and they can look into his). It basically turns into a symbolic representation of a person and the symbolism can get rather complicated. It's really fascinating.

So, as a writing exercise, I decided to try and write my own soul. Here's what I've got. If any of you do a soul write-up, link me?

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And posted in schools, workplaces, and everywhere else, unedited in any way.

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Jul. 17th, 2010 05:47 pm
 Anyone who wants postcards from Japan, comment with your address. Comments are screened.


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Found a meme that was going around a month ago - "Why do you write fanfic?" It's a good question for pondering, and for continuing my sudden trend of regular emblogginating.

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There are a lot of factors named in there. What I'm going to talk about only gets passing mention.

I have heard it mentioned before and read it in the article now that evangelical "Christians" are going over to Africa and stirring up some of the hate against homosexuals and bisexuals we've been seeing recently. That not all of it comes from African cultural traditions. That some of it is being brought in by these evangelists, brought to a fury.

So this is what I have to say:

I'm sick of this shit.

I am sick and fucking tired of all this shit.

I know what is in the Old Testament. Truth to tell, there's not much - a prohibition against anal sex, buried in the midst of hundreds of other laws. But let's pretend for the moment that it has strong words against all homosexuality or some kind of shit.

I know what is in Paul's writings in the New Testament. Paul speaks against homosexuality, vaguely-defined sexual immorality, and blood drinking.

Truth be told, I don't know what to make of all that. I mean, sure, it's specific enough, but it's also included with other things I'd never think to follow, like restrictions on beard-trimming (Old Testament) and head covers for women (New Testament). Moreover, Paul's stuff is included with things that directly contradict Jesus's word in the Gospels. Furthermore, Jesus's stuff is meant to be "this is what you do with the Old Testament" and is considered to be its ultimate interpretation.

So. You know what Jesus said?

"Love your neighbor as yourself." "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind." "Love your enemies." "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone."

He said that in the end of days, people would be divided - and he didn't say it would be divided between the gays and the straights, or the heathens and the Christians. He said it would be divided between those who helped the helpless and those who didn't. Between those who were kind and honored his words of love, and those who didn't.

That is the Word I follow. That is the Word I believe in. That Word is why I'm a Christian, no matter what doubts enter my heart, no matter how much the other books in the Bible confuse and sometimes anger me.

These people claim to follow my Lord. These people claim to follow the same Word I am following. And in the name of that Lord, that Word, they spread fear and hatred. They promote killing and rape.

In doing so, they deface the most sacred thing in my entire world.

I can deal with people being surprised that I'm a Christian because I'm not an asshole. I can deal with people saying horrible things about what I love and what I stand for. I can deal with people thinking that just by believing in what I do, I'm somehow judging them or looking down on them or thinking myself holier-than-thou. That's fine. Fact is, all I have to do about that is prove them wrong.

This isn't fine. This can never be fine. This isn't something I know how to stop. This fills me with so much sick horror, so much anger and sadness, that despite the number of words I can throw at it, there really are no words that are adequate.

To call my religion ugly names, to say horrible things of my Lord, to speak for Satan's glory or to deface every sacred symbol on the planet, all of these things are not what I call blasphemy.

Because this? This thing that these people are doing in the name of the Word I love so dearly? This is blasphemy.
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Ahh, man, but I'd love to own a restaurant. But not actually have to manage it. Just own it, control certain aspects of it (like the recipes and menu), and get the food and money that results. I've had a few concepts over the years. It would be called Bai Yun ("White Cloud") and it would either be a curry cafe with manga available to read, or a restaurant that actually sold real Chinese food. If Chinese, it would have a few signature dishes from each region. I think partly I dream of having this because of how impossible it is to get real Chinese food here in the States. Whatever restaurant I owned would have a vegetarian menu equal to or close to equal to the meatariffic one, and that menu would definitely have tasty foods on it that even I would eat.

If it were successful, maybe I would start a restaurant with real Japanese food. No Fusian allowed, unless it was really tasty.
I do occasionally post fanfiction on this blog, right? I don't remember. Who cares? Fanfic. Have it. Like it. T'is first-person fic (from ...'s POV) for Hanna is not a Boy's name, an awesome (albeit crazy fast-paced) webcomic that you should go read now.

Go along. I'll be patient. The fic will be waiting for you after you're done.

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...computers and the internet are just so fucking cool.
Fangs, Fur, and Fey, an LJ community for urban fantasy authors, is holding an email raffle with some pretty nifty prizes:

(You can enter twice if you blog about it, so a'blogging I go.)

The bill, in response to the gang-rape of a female contractor, proposed to prevent the government from hiring contractors that require their employees to sign off their rights to sue for sexual assault (forcing them to go into arbitration).

It was passed, but 30 senators, all Republicans, voted against it. Including John McCain, whom I actually like -- liked.

I try to be bipartisan in my disgust with politicians, but this is just completely fucking ridiculous. Look, 'pubs, I know it's shocking, but it's not your job to oppose everything a Democrat proposes. Though, granted, this is probably less a matter of partisanship and more a matter of "omg! this might hurt the guys that are putting money in our pockets!"

Unless the Republican party's constituency is completely different from every Republican I've ever met, the Republican Party is doing a shit job of representing their people. Go, politicians. Shoo and touch base with your constituency. Realize that the people you represent are not all crazy fucking assholes and so you don't have to act like crazy fucking assholes to rep them.

Personally, I would like to see Republicans stand up and say they are not represented by these rape-supporting Senators, or the Values Voters Summit, or Glenn Beck. That the fact that they hold to certain ideals does not mean that they follow the lead of people whose primary interest is keeping up their cash flow. That you can have different ideas from the Democrats and be sane and decent, because you know what? You can.

The Democrats are either wrong or potentially wrong about so much shit, and it's about time there was a proper opposition. A party that can express their ideals and values through something other than bald-faced lies and hate and antifeminism. That can speak intelligently and coherently. A party that's actually for smaller government and all the things the representatives of the Republican party only give the barest lip-service to.

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The Official Blurb: Release the Bats will be a night of fun and dancing, all for a good
cause. The night will have local DJs in a nightclub atmosphere, with The Florida Bat
Conservancy hosting, helping raise awareness of the plight of the many bats in Florida.
There will also be a silent auction, with everything from signed books and comics to
mini-bat houses and handcrafted jewelry. Doors open at 10pm, with a $5 donation. All proceeds will go to The Florida Bat Conservancy. So, come dance the night away for a good cause and Release the Bats. For more information, go to or

I know most of you don't live in Gainesville, but hey, I felt I'd post it. Besides, I've totally been helping get this thing together, so promos, yay.

Please take a moment to first note the names. Then scroll down and note the panels and descriptions. The panel on "The New Masculinity" is my particular favorite, but they're all such wonderful vehicles of lies and hate, I can't pick just one.

The Democratic leaders may be on my nerves, but it's the Republican leaders that really manage to disgust me. McCain didn't attend, though. Good on him. I actually respect him a good bit, and would've put in my vote for him if he'd picked a different running mate (his health's kinda frail, so I figured he stood a good chance of kicking the bucket and leaving Palin in charge... yeah, no).

Note that when talking about the Dems and the Repubs I specified leaders. Why is that? Because both of them have deeply varied constituencies, many if not most of whom are perfectly sane individuals who don't want to enslave women, burn homosexuals at the stake, destroy the world, impoverish the nation, brainwash the public, or submit our free will to their whims. But honestly, that's what a lot of the ruling class seems to want. And it disgusts me.
"Words are the ultimate paradox - as powerful as they are fragile, as unique as they are common, and as destructive as they are creative. With one word we can empower, with another, we can enslave."
-from my usually not-that-serious Legal Writing by Design book


Aug. 5th, 2009 12:33 pm
I rewatched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog the night before last, so now I'm back to writing a bunch of random shortfic for it. Here, have linkage:

The Real Villain (humor)
No Happy Ending (angst)
Murder by Publicity (humor)
Three words: Extended Truffle Metaphor.
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