Japanese: http://www.natureasia.com/ja-jp/nphoton/11/9/nphoton.2017.139/%E7%86%B1%E5%8C%96%E3%81%97%E3%81%9F%E5%85%89%E3%81%A8%E7%B5%90%E5%90%88%E3%81%97%E3%81%9F%E5%87%9D%E7%B8%AE%E4%BD%93%E3%81%AE%E3%81%9F%E3%82%81%E3%81%AE%E5%8F%AF%E5%A4%89%E3%83%9D%E3%83%86%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A3%E3%83%AB

Official English: 

Convertibility Potential for a Condensate Bound with Thermalized Light

Nature Photonics 11, 9 |  Published: September 1, 2017 |  doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2017.139



Quantum vapor within a lattice potential is becoming a powerful platform for simulating solid physical phenomena, such as Mott insulator transitions. Unlike with low-temperature atoms, photon-based platforms such as photonic crystals, bound waveguides, lasers, etc. have many things that do not function in heat balance states. There are demonstrations of polariton lattice experiments and photon condensates as advancements towards photonic simulators with solid equilibrium effects. Here, we demonstrate a method of forming light convertibility micropotential using thermooptical imprinting on a pigmented polymer solution in a high-finesse microresonator. We investigated the idiosyncrasies of a single-potential well and a double-potential well, and observed a change in structure of sufficient quality in a Bose-Einstein condensate with light thermalization. Since the resultant light-light interaction was investigated, in addition to observing a tunnel junction between sites, it is a good candidate for directly populating an entangled photonic multibody state. Here, we demonstrated scalability, and thermooptic imprinting suggests ways to create new convertible microstructures in photonics.

Japanese: http://www.natureasia.com/ja-jp/nphoton/11/9/nphoton.2017.129/%E4%B8%80%E6%96%B9%E5%90%91%E3%83%95%E3%82%A9%E3%83%88%E3%83%8B%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%AF%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A4%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AC%E3%83%BC%E3%82%B6%E3%83%BC

Official English: https://www.nature.com/nphoton/journal/v11/n9/full/nphoton.2017.129.html

My Go at Translating It:

Unidirectional Photonic Wire Laser

Nature Photonics 11, 9 | Published: September 1, 2017 | doi: 10.1038/nphoton.2017.129

Photonic wire lasers are a new type of laser with a horizontal breadth far smaller than its wavelength. Unidirectional light emission is extremely desirable because most of the laser's output is aimed at the target direction. However, since the horizontal breadth is small in comparison to the wavelength, most of the mode propagates outside the solid core. As a result, the technique used up to now of installing a rear facet on the reflection device cannot be applied, regardless of whether it's a thin film reflector or a distributed Bragg reflector. Now, we present a simple and effective method to implement unidirectionality. We selected a distributed feedback (DFB) terahertz quantum cascade laser as a photonic wire laser platform. It implements unidirectionality with about an 8:1 forward:back output ratio, and the forward light emission laser output is 1.8 times the standard for a bidirectional DFB laser. Furthermore, we achieved an electrical power conversion efficiency of about 1%.

I feel a tickle on my arm. My eyes widen, further and further until I feel them open a second time, this time in the waking world. It is the gray dark of late night here. There is nothing on my arm. Sleep sucks me back down.

I feel a tickle on my arm. This time my eyes open without effort, but it is still dark, still too early to get up. I check my arm. Nothing. Maybe my paranoid brain is remembering that we saw a roach in the house today and didn't catch it. Anything that moves the hairs on my skin feels like a bug after I see one of those. Air. Bedsheets. Existence. I scratch my arm as the imagined sensation moves along my body, my raised hairs tossing me false alarms at random. I don't go back to sleep.

After a while of this itchy paranoia, I sit up in bed, trying not to look at my husband sleeping beside me. The dark of night and my poor night vision always conspire to highlight the wrong parts of his face, turning his eyes to sunken shadows, any smile to a rictus grin. I can't even tell if his eyes are open or closed, so if he's turned my way, it always feels like he's watching me. The sheet shivers with the movement of his sleeping breath.

There's nowhere to look in the room that my bad night vision doesn't paint in imagined horrors. The mirror is the worst. My friends used to scare me with Bloody Mary tales as a kid, and now I always feel like I see movement when I look at mirrors in the dark. And worse, my face, too, succumbs to the palette of evening shadow, pale and sunken, with darkness in the wrong places that reminds me of the other mirror game of Bloody Holes. Ugh. I start to look away when I see movement. And even knowing it's just the turn of my head, I can't stop myself from checking.

There is something on my arm.

I get out of bed and walk over to the mirror and the light switch, and before I've even reached the light switch, I see it - the roach! The phobic panic takes me over and I flail away at my arm with an open palm until I can't see it anymore. I'm about to reach for the light when movement in the mirror catches my eye again.

There is a lump on my arm, a spot just beneath that tickle that I realize feels strangely numb.

It splits open. A black shape emerges, and as I stand transfixed, I recognize the oval form, the tickle of its six tiny legs.

I slam my hands against the light switch, turning to shout my husband awake, but his eyes are already open, no optical illusion of night. Yet the shiver of the sheets is not from his breathing. Neither is the ripple of his skin, as the lumps move underneath it.

I feel a tickle on my arm.
Based off this pic (anyone seeing this, let me know if you find a direct link to the artist's post of the pic, since she doesn't like reposts but I kinda need the pic to give this story any context at all.)

The master wraps the strap of the ribbonlike leash... )
The target? Someone who deserves it, perhaps. The kind of creature that meets the cat’s eyes head-on and shows its teeth; that presents its paw, the claws barely velveted; that approaches without heed to the warning in the cat’s gaze or the side-eye the master gives it. The master is tempted to let go the leash. But he’s not sure what language this thing is speaking, and for all that it doesn’t look human, perhaps it is speaking in human. Perhaps it meets their eyes out of politeness; perhaps the bared teeth are a smile; perhaps the extended paw is a handshake. The master has spent too long around the cats, and has begun to see things their way more often than he should.

The master is tempted to twitch the shortened leash, to force the cat to look away from the other, to cede ground so they don’t have to fight for ground. The cat is well-disciplined, but there is a part of the master that fears it won’t work. The cat is well-disciplined, but that means only that the master has become very good at convincing him that he wants to obey. Besides, this creature is a threat, if what it’s speaking is cat.

The master takes a glance up to his cat’s ears, trying to assess the situation. They carry a confused sideways tilt, twitching and scanning. The cat isn’t sure what to make of this creature, either, then. Which means the cat can be persuaded away.

The master drops the extra loops of the leash from his hand until he’s only holding the end, and steps between them, this creature and his cat. The master tries to stand a little taller, tall enough to break their line of sight. It is difficult, but his cat is crouched enough to make it possible. 

Not bothering to look at the other creature, looking only in the direction of home, the master brushes a hand against the cat’s jacketed shoulder, “Come on,” he says. “There’s treats at the house.”

Never forget, they say,
As they take her away,
Forcing their touch
“It’s not too much
To make sure we’re all safe.”

Never forget, they say,
As they take him away,
“We’re sure he knows something,”
But they kill him for nothing.
He dies alone in the cold.

Never forget, they say,
As they take truth away,
And lie to our faces
So they can rack up their cases
“You see, we’re doing so well.”

Never forget, they say,
As they take faith away,
In the mosques are spies
Gathering like flies
Faith has marked you a target.

Never forget, they say,
As they take words away,
Storing up every letter
Saying it’s for the better
“Only guilty need privacy.”

Never forget, they say,
But I hope one day
We take off our bonds
And with freedom abscond
And forget this long tragedy.
Let's get this right... in a world where we send robots to alien planets and can cut-copy-paste genes, everyone has small handheld computers connecting the world in a vast network, which is used to track where everyone goes at all times and what they say and do because we really really want to stop the tyrannical religious empire being built overseas, but the governments are too incompetent to manage the information and have to resort to lying about preventing terrorist attacks and setting up terrorist attacks to thwart so as to justify the program, for which reason they would like everyone to stop using encryption around the same time as our frenemy trading partner breaks into our massive, unencrypted databases and steals information about everyone with a security clearance and their families. To also help us stop the tyrannical religious empire, we disappear people and enlist healers to help us torture them, even though we know the torture doesn't actually work to get information. Meanwhile, one of the things we have found we can use the information for is watching people who protest against government abuses of power and impersonating them and ruining their reputations, and also for secretly telling cops to arrest people on condition they lie to the courts about where the information came from. Meanwhile, the banks involve themselves in conspiracy after conspiracy to trick people into buying bad investments and to price-fix the currency markets, but in so doing, they've gained so much power that they've made themselves so important that we can't take them to task for their crimes without risking collapsing everything, so we pay them money so they can stay in power. Also, there's an apocalypse in progress, but stopping it would be expensive, so instead there's a conspiracy to convince people that research into the apocalypse is a conspiracy. Oh, and Donald Trump is running for president and leading the primaries.
A list of things I am afraid of:

1. Envelopes postmarked Orlando with no return address;

2. Older men with white hair;

3. Unexpected knocks on the door;

4. Sleeping alone at night;

5. Voices raised in anger;

6. An unexpected touch upon the shoulder;

7. The sympathy of others, for others;

8. A mistaken click on a Facebook request;

9. A friend who didn’t recognize a name;

10. People who think that certain things are sad;

11. Unexpected reunions;

12. Familiar faces through the peephole;

13. Them.
Okay, I don't normally ask this, but. This is a sensitive issue and, while I value posting this over emotional self-protection, I still would like to ask that yelling at me/hurtful comments/etc. about this post be left unsaid or expressed via the "unfollow"/"unfriend" button. That said, I am not going to be trying to offend anyone here, so hopefully such a response will not be necessary.

Onward to the post. )

I'm trying to work with Dragon, a dictation software, to reduce wear on my wrists. My plan is to use it for NaNo. I've been using it for work, and I'm used to sitting through and making corrections, but the speed required for NaNo won't quite allow that, so here is my test for going without corrections.

Cathy/Rain ropes fic, beginning:


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After over half an hour of mostly-verbal editing, the corrected version looks like this:


So, in a follow-up to the earlier post, which were projected views of a theoretical Republican, here's my actual views on the shutdown shitstorm:

Stuffthings )

So this is my take on the Republican side of the shutdown shit. Disclaimer here that I don't actually agree with these views, but I felt it a good idea to try to articulate/get a good understanding of how the thinking goes.

Stuffs )


Aug. 4th, 2013 09:14 pm

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Which is bullshit, of course. God. I don't even know what that means. Who's got nothing left to lose? The dead? The imprisoned for life? Don't see much freedom there.

Here I am, peeling down the highway at 90 miles an hour on a junkyard motorcycle, parts shaking like they want to go back to being spare, and I can't die. Now that, that's freedom for you.

Vampire. That's what you're guessing I am, isn't it? Fucking vampires. Fillin' up all the shelves right before we came out to the open, making everyone think anything undead and immortal that drinks blood (sometimes, sometimes, dammit; you don't live on soda, do you?) is fanged and sparkly or whatever the hell have you.

Screw that. Fucking vampires haven't even come out of their coffins yet, shaking in their boots ever since Nosferatu slipped the cover on their sunlight problems. No, no, no. I am not a vampire. We clear on that? None of that bullshit here. I am 100%, genuine, good to the guts ghoul.

And I wanna flip this bike over a fucking cliff and ride the wind like there's no end to tomorrows.

Quick-grab summary:

1. Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
2. Avoid saturated fat, free sugars, and salt.
3. Exercise for at least an hour a day.
4. Take fish oil, fiber, and folate supplements.

 Dietary Factor


Goal (% of total energy, unless otherwise stated)

Total Fat


Saturated fatty acids

<10% (<7% if at high risk for diabetes)

Polyunsaturated fatty acids


n-6 Polyunsaturated fatty acids


n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids


Trans fatty acids


Oleic acid (a monounsaturated fatty acid)

Total fat – (saturated fatty acids + polyunsaturated fatty acids + trans fatty acids)

Total carbohydrate


Free sugars (added sugars, honey, syrup, juice)

<10% (<55 g/day), <= 4x/day




<300 mg/day

Sodium chloride

<5 g/day (<2 g/day)

Fruits and vegetables

400-500 g/day

Total dietary fibre

Accomplished through recommended intake of fruits/veg and consumption of wholegrain foods

Non-starch polysaccharides

>= 20g/day. Accomplished through recommended intake of fruits/veg and consumption of wholegrain foods


70-80 mmol/day. Accomplished through recommended intake of fruits/veg.


1-2 servings/week, average 40-60 g/day (200-500 mg eicosapentaenoic and docosahexanoic acid/serving)

Biological diversity of foods

20-30 biologically distinct foods/week, esp. plants


Decreased Risk

No Relationship

Increased Risk


Vitamin E supplements

Sugars-sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices

Low to moderate alcohol intake

Stearic acid

Very hot (thermally) drinks (and food)

Voluntary weight loss in overweight and obese people

Starch intake (for starch foods without added sugars)

Unfiltered boiled coffee

Physical activity, regular


High alcohol intake

Good oral hygiene/absence of plaque



Hard cheese


Abdominal obesity

Home environments supporting healthy food choices


Overweight and obesity

High dietary intake of NSP (dietary fibre)


Low body weight

Linoleic acid


Physical inactivity/sedentary lifestyle

Fish and fish oils


High intake of energy-dense micronutrient-poor foods (often, processed foods high in fat and/or sugars; low energy-dense foods are high in dietary fibre and water and include fruit, legumes, vegetables, and whole grain cereals)



Myristic and palmitic acids

Alpha-Linolenic acid


Trans fatty acids

Oleic acid


High sodium intake

Wholegrain cereals


Dietary cholesterol

Nuts (unsalted)


Chinese-style salted fish

Plant sterols/stanols


Preserved meat



Salt-preserved foods

Fluoride explosure


Free sugar (amount and frequency)

Vitamin D


Excess fluoride

Sugars-free chewing gum


Vitamin C deficiency







Eat This

Not That


Saturated Fat


Free Sugars

Whole Grains



Dairy Fat



Vegetable Oils: Soybean, Sunflower, Flaxseed, Canola, Olive

Unfiltered Boiled Coffee

Nuts (unsalted)

Hydrogenated oils and fats


Preserved meats


Salt-preserved foods


Scalding-hot drinks and food


Characters: Emma, Mary Margaret
Show: Once Upon a Time
Timeline: After Emma moves in with Mary Margaret
Summary: Adorable sorta-incestual slashfic; also, discussion of the meaning of "mother."

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(Written this past Saturday.)

Good morning, sunshines. It is currently 12:10 pm, and I am in a rather humorous state of twitchiness. Part of it’s the lack of sleep – my apartment has been invaded by fleas for the past few weeks, and last night I kept worrying they’d get in my bed and even half-dreamed about it, meaning I didn’t sleep a wink until sometime after 3. Then scumbag body, used to my 8 am wakeups for morning class, decided that 8:30 was a good time to wake. The other part, though, what I imagine is the major part, is my resolution of the day.

Okay, so we all know that Twitter is being stupid and has changed its policy on censorship, right? If not, plz to Google. They’re trying to do it in the best way possible, and I respect that, but doing a bad thing in the best way possible doesn’t make it good. So today some randomers on the intarwebs decided to hold a blackout protest, with random Twitterites like me pledging not to tweet today.
Twitter has kind of become my addiction, which is part of why I don’t blog as much – little point when most of what’d get said on this blog instead gets said on my feed. So I figured it might ease my resistance of microblogging’s allure – and provide an interesting experience – if today I just went entirely internet-free.

Thus the twitchiness. I am completely aware that I have a behavioral addiction to the internet. Not internet’ing is like spending an entire day without speaking or listening to anyone speak. It feels closed-off and bizarre. Like my entire wide world has been torn away, and all I’m left with is little Gainesville and a messy apartment and fleas.
Okay. So it’s not that bad. Mostly because I know that when I wake up tomorrow, I will let myself Internet once again. If I thought it were going to be a long parting, I’d probably be in mourning.

A great chunk of my twitchy is the lack of Twitter. I kind of live immersed in this mess of blurbs about other’s lives, connecting and sometimes not-connecting with people I’ve never met in person, almost but not quite as if I were living side-by-side with them. I tell them things and they tell me things and it feels beautifully connected, like being constantly in the presence of friends, even when I’m in the presence of naught but my beloved iPhone Kei-kun.

The other great chunk of my twitchy is the lack of information. No morning browse of the day’s news (granted, I’d have it if my Wall Street Journal subscription weren’t malfunctioning), other than my already-downloaded edition of this week’s Economist. Today I heard a hilarious but unbelievable story and wasn’t able to find out if it were true. And there are a million tiny things that I’ve just wanted to know that I haven’t been able to learn.

Okay. Maybe not a million. Still.

This has been an interesting experience. And one thing that it has taught me, in the whole four hours that have passed since I woke up, is that to love the internet is not a bad thing, not at all.
People idealize being offline. They poo-poo the mess of distractions, the social networks, the living glued to the screen. They treat it as an isolating creation, as if it personally punched human interaction in the face and stole its wallet. “We no longer know our neighbors!” they cry.

Yeah, fuck that. Sure, I’m a bit less distracted than normal… sort of. I didn’t spend an hour on Cracked today. I did spend an unknown period of time on a book. And no, one is not superior to the other.* In fact, Cracked is probably more educational than Locke Lamora, much as I love them both.

And being cut off from people, while perfectly tolerable for today, isn’t really tolerable in the long run. Very nearly my entire social sphere – both online-only and face-to-face – are people I’ve met because of the Internet. I have three close friends I regularly talk to that I met through non-internet things. Three. And for all three of them (even my roommate, which, okay, that doesn’t help my argument), most of our communication is online. Hell, if I went offline entirely, I wouldn’t be able to speak to Kuri again for years.

There’s nothing wrong with meeting people because of common interests instead of geographical location. And, really, that’s all there is to it.

So I shall survive my cut-off day today. Probably put myself through another cut-off day sometime in the future, just out of self-directed schadenfreude (no, seriously, you have no idea how hilarious I’m finding my own twitchy reaction to net dep). But this experience hasn’t Freed me, or taught me how I Don’t Need the Internet. If anything, it’s taught me how much the Internet provides for me, and what an incredible source of knowledge it is.

*On books: While I fucking adore books, treat them as my life obsession, and can’t really imagine even pulling off a conversation with someone who didn’t regularly read, I do not understand why people idealize books. Reading books isn’t actually superior to television or comics or anything. There’s just as high a percentage of mainstream trash books as there are mainstream trash TV shows and comics, and there’s just as low a percentage of utterly brilliant works of prose that will entirely change your lifeview as there are for TV and comics. Moreover, bound volumes of fiction are also not inherently superior to magazine articles, internet articles, fanfiction, weblit, etc. etc. and so forth. (They are, however, inherently superior to the crap people stick in the middle of comic books under the bizarre assumption that you picked up a comic so you could read prose.)

(So, how'd I do? I gave up on the no-internet by evening. It seemed pointless. I also then accidentally started posting to Twitter - no, seriously, I didn't even realize until 20 minutes in that I'd been posting because it's such a habit. Faaaaaail.)
Character: Vorpal
Verse: Superverse
Summary: Vorpal ponders on an old disaster.

I will always remember September 2001. )

Warm, Happy

Hey, guys. I feel warm and happy and relaxed. It's pretty awesome.

Went to the Woodshed's Halloween Party last night. At first I felt kind of awkward and out-of-place - most of the people I usually play with weren't around, etc. But, as usual, I settled into things eventually. I suspended myself! It was the first suspension I've ever conducted. It was distinctly uncomfortable because of how I distributed the weight, and I didn't stay up long, and afterwards I found out I should /not/ have put wraps over my floating ribs because I could have broken them, but I didn't injure myself and I succeeded in my endeavour.

Also went up again later, but with someone else far more experienced conducting the suspension. Whee! Fucking love that shit. It's like flying. It matters not if you are kinky or vanilla, all should try being suspended. It's not a kink thing, it's an "ohgod I'm flying" thing. Like an adult swingset that can go in all directions.

Scattered Thoughts

I've spent most of this weekend putting off a paper. In fact, I'm still sitting here, putting it off. I'll do it at the last minute, as per usual. Bah. *shrugs* I'm a senior for the third time in my life. I don't caaaaaaaare.

It's nearly November, and even though I'm not doing NaNo, writing urges are eating me up. I'll have to make sure to work extra hard on my editing. Maybe I'll try to EdMo it? Sure. Why not.

Being off diet for Halloween weekend has been fun! Though I look forward to not going "omg wait I must pig out on this I won't be able to soon." I've been eating hooooooorrribly. lol.

Coming home last night was bittersweet, because I so badly wanted to crawl into bed with Niko and feel him there, but we're kinda sorta not in the same city, so. Seems he had a good night last night, tho. He hit up Guavaween down in Ybor with a friend.

I love everything right now. Nnnnng post-Shed happy whee.
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